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3 reasons we love kitchen waterfall islands types

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

SoulStone by GMI installs kitchen cabinets and natural stone countertops in South Eastern, Ontario, Canada so we're familiar with all different types of kitchen islands. The waterfall island is one of our favourites that we do on the regular home renovations.

Why are kitchen waterfall island's so popular right now? Read below!

Some reasons we love waterfall kitchen islands are:

1. Very dramatic focal point of the kitchen.

This is sure to be a central talking point in your kitchen (or zoom call! hello 2020 and 2021!)

2. Looks beautiful in every type of kitchen.

Where you have a classic, farm house, luxe stye of kitchen, Waterfall kitchen islands are stunning in every Kitchen renovation.

3. Can be used to cover exposed cabinets

Sometimes exposed cabinets if they don't butt up against a wall can seem out of place or 'messy' in a kitchen, incomplete. A waterfall Kitchen Island allows a beautiful covering.

Which one is your favourite?

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