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3 ways to do a yellow kitchen renovation with your natural stone countertops

yellow fridge with white cabinets and wood countertop
3 ways to do a yellow kitchen renovation

We've listed 3 ways to bring a pop of yellow colour to your kitchen with natural stone countertops.

SoulStone by GMI installs kitchen cabinets and natural stone countertops in South Eastern, Ontario, Canada. We're familiar with all different types of kitchens, since we do a lot of kitchen renovations in the Prince Edward County, Kingston and Belleville area.

Piece of art or yellow accents.

A little goes a long way! From lemons to flowers, bring spring into your home with this simple decor idea!

yellow tulips and yellow lemons on kitchen natural stone island
swining into spring with yellow lemons and flowers

Yellow accessories at your island!

Comfy and looks chic! Switch out your cushions each season to welcome spring and fall into your kitchen,

yellow cushioned chairs at natural stone countertop with navy cupboards and yellow curtains

Paint a door to make it pop!

Not too much, just enough - Goldilocks found her favourite kitchen door.

sea foam green kitchen cabinets with bright yellow painted door, kitchen renovations in prince edward county

Yellow Appliances!

One of our favourites. You trendsetter you!

yellow fridge with white cabinets in kitchen renovation in prince edward county

Paint the whole darn kitchen!

If you totally love yellow and fun colourful rooms, GO FOR THE WHOLE KITCHEN!

gold tap with marble countertops with gold faucet and yellow kitchen cabinets home renovations in prince edward county

Need help choosing countertops to match your kitchen cabinets?

Need a complete kitchen redo?

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