• Hattie Dunstan

How to do a budget friendly kitchen countertop?

Mixing quartz and quartzite in your kitchen is a great way to make your wallet stretch during a kitchen renovation!

At Soul Stone by GMI in Prince Edward County in South Eastern, Ontario, we love mixing materials on countertops when doing a kitchen renovation.

What are some of the benefits of mixing different materials for your countertops during a kitchen renovation?

1. Creates Visual drama.

Decide the area you want to highlight. Maybe it's the in the middle of the room, a kitchen island with a natural stone, and the kitchen perimeter countertops can be done in quartz. Maybe it's the backsplash. You want a statement piece going up the wall as your natural stone backsplash and quartz on the counters. Is there a certain area in your home that you want to highlight with a different stone?

2. Offers Versatility

We often have “Last slabs” available at our boutique gallery in Prince Edward County in Ontario. These are slabs that need a forever home but are not large enough to complete a full project. This is a great option to use a natural stone on an island or backsplash which creates versatility in your kitchen look.

3. Helps stretch a kitchen reno budget

Mixing materials with natural stone and quartz or different types of stone is a great way to stretch your budget. Choosing different materials with different price ranges help you stay on budget. It can also help cut some corners to put some money back into another item of your renovation. This is a great way to get HIGH END stone but help your wallet.

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