The Heart And Soul Of The Home: A Well-Designed Kitchen Can Inspire Creativity And Family Fun

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The importance of a well-designed and manicured kitchen should not be underestimated or undervalued when renovating a home. The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, as any host can tell you. It’s a place where you come together to cook and laugh with friends and family, a space for creativity and imagination on rainy days, an escape from a hectic day, a social epicentre during gatherings on summer nights, and it is ONE of most essential spaces for selling a house. When looking into buying a home, a functional kitchen can make or break a sale.

A well layed-out kitchen featuring stone and natural elements.

Changing your kitchen design can change your relationship with food.

An outdated, shabby, stained kitchen does not inspire or invite someone to make a delicious Beef Wellington on Valentine’s Day, nor does it make you want to be the next contestant on Hell’s Kitchen. It makes you want to run away and eat out at McDonald’s regularly. A beautifully crafted and laid out kitchen means so much for our daily mental health because it brings us into an area we want to be in often.

Bottom line, whether you’re cooking for Royalty or Susan down the street, the atmosphere of a kitchen can impact your emotions and well being. A well planned and designed kitchen can lead to better productivity, more inclination to cook in versus eating out and inspire you to try that new recipe you scrolled by.

Soul Stone kitchen design using luxury Canadian stone

Styling the space to your tastes makes it a room you want to be in.  Whether you want red paint or muted tones, Translucent Onyx or Cocada Quartzite countertops, vintage pine or stark white cabinetry, the choice is yours. The list goes on and on for the possibilities of self-expression through kitchen design. And why not? This is an area you will spend countless hours exploring spices, experimenting with flours ratios, and creating Pinterest’s Wins and Fails.

Tips for creating the perfect kitchen space:

🗸 Don’t let the current kitchen trends and popular styles limit your vision and choices. Create a space YOU want to be in.

🗸 Once you see your vision and layout your dream kitchen, turn off your Pinterest pages. Don’t become overwhelmed by too many choices and opinions.

Feel inspired by your kitchen.

Imagine walking into a kitchen where you are excited to cook and feel motivated to throw the takeout menu in the trash because the space YOU created makes YOU feel at home. That’s what we’re here for! We want you to love your kitchen just as much as we enjoy creating one for you.

At Soul Stone, we’re here to help make your kitchen into a personal Sanctuary where you feel safe, inspired, and happy.

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