Safety Protocols

The world changed, and so we did the way we do business.

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COVID 19- Protocol 


Template and Installation

Read and review

Please review and complete the below. We are taking every precaution to ensure that our customers and our crews stay safe.


Should you have any questions or concerns we kindly ask you to please contact us prior to your scheduled template date to discuss.

Template of your Stone surface.

One crew member

One crew member will arrive to your location in their own vehicle and alone to complete the template. 


We ask that you clear the area of any items that are on the surface being measured and either leave area /keep six (6) feet of distance/wear a facemask while the template is being completed.

Installation of your Stone surface.

Personal Protection Coordintor

Our Personal Protection Coordinator will arrive in their own vehicle with sanitizing supplies.  


We ask that you disable the furnace to limit drafts through the house for the duration of the sanitization and install.  If there are rugs or porous surfaces along the path of travel, please lift up and remove prior to our arrival. All surfaces that our crew will be working on must be clear of additional items. Also, we request that you please either leave area / keep six (6) feet of distance / wear a facemask while crew completes your installation. 


The Personal Protection Coordinator will enter your home and perform the following sanitization:


  1. Disinfect all flooring along a pathway to kitchen & install locations as well as the bathroom that may need to be used.

  2. Disinfect all handles, knobs, and other objects that may need to be operated along a path of travel to install location. 

  3. Disinfect all cabinetry or other hard surfaces at or adjacent to the install location. 

  4. Allow for the proper time to pass to ensure disinfection as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Once the home has been sanitized the crew will enter your home wearing appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.  Personal Protection Coordinator will provide oversight and observe the crew’s installation to ensure additional surfaces were not touched inadvertently by a crew member.


Once Installation is completed, the Personal Protection Coordinator will perform a Post-Installation Sanitization by repeating the above steps, working from the install location towards the exit of the home. The Personal Protection Coordinator will ensure all PPE and tools are removed from the home, sanitized and/or disposed of.

To ensure the health of our Crew we ask that you answer the following questions:


Do you or any member of your household have a fever? (fever is a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or greater)


Do you or any member of your household have any of the following symptoms or signs? 

New or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, new smell or taste disorder(s), chills, nausea/vomiting or headache


Have you or a member of your household had close contact with anyone that has traveled in the past 14 days?


Have you or a member of your household had contact with anyone with respiratory illness or a confirmed probable case of COVID-19?

We thank you for trusting us with your project and your business. 

Stay well.


Soul Stone by GMI